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>> live and in h.d. this is abc 7 news, "washington weekly" on your side.
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>> two days before the democratic national convention rt, vice president paigned in pennsylvania and wisconsin and continued his road trip to charlotte tour. we have been keeping up with it all. .c. preparations in it's all this week, about the democrats. downtown charlotte, north carolina, is getting ready for the convention. meanwhile, advisors to both president obama and mitt romney battled it out on the sunday talk shows. ook office shortly after his inauguration, he said in an interview if he didn't have this economy turned around presidency s, his would be a one-term proposition. well, the economy hasn't turned around. saw nothing but insults and old slogans and tired, old ideas. in charlotte the president is a plan to cus on provide the middle class in this country some necessary and needed security by investing in research and innovation and in strengthling the middle class.
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>> president obama winding down to charlotte tour made remarks in colorado sunday. >> those ideas don't work. they didn't work then, they won't work now, they did not create jobs, they did not cut the deficit. they did not strengthen the middle class. they have not planned to move this country forward and we believe in something better. campaigning in pennsylvania, vice president he romney aim at t campaign five-point economic plan. won't throw the economy, it didn't do it before. folks, we've seen this movie ends. and we know how it >> president obama will make n charlotte and hold his big d.n.c. speech at the bank of america stadium hursday night. >> ok, so before we can fully focus on the d.n.c., let's look back at the republican national convention. my question to rachel was, was it a successful convention for itt romney and the republicans?
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the republicans made a very compelling case to the american people that it's disappointed in president barack obama. reheard romney say i want the president to succeed because i succeed, making the case that the posters of fading in the background and understand president obama is still well liked by the american people. t of the case par successfully, what we didn't what would mitt romney do when he became president. ne a vision utli for what they'd do the next our years. heard very few policy details in mitt romney's speech. -- i we expect them haven't seen too many polls so far post convention. ect the republican team ticket to get that much of n this convention? >> the race is likely to remain ction day. ele it's been remarkably consistent that day through the health care decision, through the choice of paul ryan as romney's running mate. we'll see what happens post convention. you of course end it with some
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competing headlines to mitt romney. there was the invisible obama in the chair routine by clint eastwood and really did compete with mitt romney's own headlines coming out the last day which necessarily is not the message the republicans were looking for. >> i'm jealous of invisible chair obama with 57,000 twitter calls. following. h to the real president obama and what the have to do ally come this week when they start their convention. any sense what possible ake ment can the president m the rsday night to merican people that he deserves four more years, that he'll be able to make things different? >> president obama and his o focus on y need t that campaign slogan forward to tell us what the next four years will look like. to not going to be enough just say he faced economic headwinds, that america has been through difficult times. o have de that case and s his advisors. so the trick for them this week will really be to outline their vision and say here's where my
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policies have taken us and ere's where we want to go. >> and do we expect anything different or new? we hear the president speak every day and hear him talk about blaming different people for why we're still in a bad spot economically. nything different y night's t of thursda speech? lot of going to hear a themes that will sound familiar. m sident obama and his tea will present him as champion of the middle class and try to paint mitt romney who is wealthy and out of touch with of ordinary americans and we'll hear talk about how he's championing rights for minorities and for women voters, a very important demographic for the president. hance for ally a c ake his case, say this is where i want to take the country. >> ok. "politico." >> things have calmed down a bit on the weather front but it m before more storms. steve ruden is in the weather
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center monitoring things. e at the ws her weather center, at least for the next several hours, we have more showers and storms on the remainder of the holiday weekend. the question is, how long will all the heavy rain last and when will it finally move on
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>> nearly half a million american people -- nearly half a million people were forcibly sterilized in nazi germany as part of a program to create a master race.
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you may not know 33 states in o had sterilization laws and virginia was a role model. greta kreuz has one victim's story. >> is that where they sterilized you? >> this is where sara was forcibly sterilized when she . s 23 does it give you the goose bumps? gives me goose bumps. led it the colony, it's now the central virginia training center for the intellectually disabled but from 1924-1979, thousands were sterilized against their will knowledge. heir part of the eugenics movement, keeping american gene pools strong making sure no defects were sent down, including alcoholism, epilepsy. she was snulalized with her brother and sister and were
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diagnosed mentally deficient sterilized. what they were doing to you? they didn't tell me why. >> it is a irreprehensible process. supreme court upheld virginia's sterilization law in 1927 and carrie was sterilized, she and her mother deemed feeble minded and oscar holmes wrote three generations inbeciles is move. the outlook was ominous. >> hitler came to powered use the virginia act as his model. >> for race clarification practices. nuremberg war trials the nazis stated the u.s. laws as their fence. >> over in that building. discharged after nearly 30 years. her nurse's aide certificate and married james wily, was widowed and lives nearby with friend and
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caregiver margaret sales. think it was wrong. it deprived her of having a r own. of he she loves children, she loves my granddaughter. effort to get more victims to come forward than an apology. >> at least the state it can do is provide some kind of compensation. y brother's. >> sara, now 76, still wondered what if. >> would have had a boy and name him max, like my brother. children. >> greta cruise >> geta kreuz. >> there still is a law on the books and delegates are asking lawmakers to compensate those who were sterilized. and talk ch gears weather next. >> but first "the federal hot
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minute." >> you've heard the old saying, all politics is local? well, what could be more local r pocketbook. you're in the business of ch ernment, take a look whi candidate best serves your interest as you vote in november. phrase ll coined that eminding political candidates voters are most interested in where candidates stand on the everyday issues, issues that impact them directly. can apply to u in the business of government. read the ant to republican national committee platform politico recently posted, both the executive and political times highlighted a portion of this most relevant to government operations. f you're a small business, ssociated press' interesting comparison to the presidential candidates' position on small business contracting. evaluating more local candidates, take a look if they serve on a congressional committee important to your business and voted on that ve committee. links to articles this segment can be found on
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ight now at r reagan international airport. py and the air k.ic the wind out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour. the almanac shows a day time high of 84 degrees. 101 in 1980. look at these rain totals on our weatherbug network. ity, 75 degrees, over 2.25 inches of rain. look at the video we have of earlier this evening and what it looked like just off new york avenue northwest around first and second street. a lot of rain fell over a very short period of time. fortunately, things are improving dramatically. station over ro by howard university. you can see the tracks covered with water. there pumpers out early this evening and had originally eight inches of water on the tracks. now it's down to about two
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inches according to our report earlier. 75 degrees oking at in ocean city, about .06 of an inch of rain. the jackpot for rain totals today, children's hospital in istrict, almost 3 1/2 inches since earlier this morning. temperatures have now fallen 70's, 74 degrees at dulles, winchester at 72, 73 over in martinsburg. still looking at the rotation left of isaac. you can see the spin in the atmosphere. between st. re louis and indianapolis. towards the off east over the next 48 hours. clouds stick around for the day tomorrow along with imbedded showers and thunderstorms. n could est of the rai tuesday. doppler radar going ahead over to hagerstown and west virginia. this is where we have light nothing t this time, r this saw earlie evening over the district but orewarned, we could be same situation for the next couple days.
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future cast next 48 hours, a mix of clouds and rain and pockets of heavy rain, even a few rumbles of thunder as temperatures rebound to just around 84-85 degrees on tuesday. waking up tomorrow morning to patchy fog, 67-74. tomorrow, upper 70's to lower 80's and the outlook, will have temperatures upper 80's by the end of the week with more sun shine late ing more concerned y we may into sunda look for more clouds and r concern the bigge will be tomorrow and tuesday sday when to wedne heavy rains expected again atlantic. mid >> we'll keep watching it. hanks. we've seen a couple get married under water and at sporting events but this couple took ows to n
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a local riage of couple got off to a rocky start but not what you might be thinking. west r was married on a virginia mountaintop 90 stories up. s that may sound they did it in full wedding gear. >> bob and anthony ewing are on terra firma in arlington but still on cloud nine. who could blame them. this is where they tied the knott two years ago at the top of seneca rocks in west virginia. 900 feet above ground. >> i think i'm still wrapping
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my brain around it. it's just something we did. was an they did eight-hour claim to the alter done here has efore. certainly not in a tux he'd op and wedding dress. in our th climbed wedding outfits, she in a wedding dress her mother got married in. story.or a fun >> they are avid mountain climbers were got engaged at the peak and was her idea for the mountaintop newspaper chumes but didn't stop them from angst along the way. >> i thought am i going to fly? is this ok? yes, climb. >> she wore her mother's edding dress and was admittedly smelly and dirty by the time she made the summit. >> she made it. broom's brother perched on a nearby summit to tch the moment and another sibling officiating. y beloved, we gather here he -- >> they became husband and wife. has gone ng album viral and the

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